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Church History

     According to information gathered from various sources, members of the Churches of Christ had been meeting in a dugout southwest of Littlefield near the current High School and in the homes of various members as early as 1912.  In 1919, Liff Sanders from Lubbock assisted in organizing the group into a permanent congregation.  The congregation met in the old Presbyterian church building on XIT Drive.  They also met in the old Central school building as well as in homes of various members. 

     In 1925, the group erected a small building at 730 LFD Drive - which is the northeast corner of 8th and LFD Drive.  A 1938 article in the Lamb County Leader records that "There was a frame structure, size 28' x 30' and was erected in March 1925.  The building was paid for in full when completed.  The initial sermon was preached by Bro. Bozeman.  Bro. Dodd did the first full time local work with the church."  The LFD Drive Church of Christ was the largest congregation of any kind in Littlefield at the time.

     The congregation continued to grow, and it was soon necessary to enlarge this original building.  In 1934, under the leadership of the elders and minister, G.A. Dunn Jr., a second and larger building was constructed at the southwest corner of the same intersection on a lot donated to the congregation by Bill Williams.  This brick building still stands, and it is still in use as a church building.  The congregation soon grew to the capacity of this building as well, and the building was enlarged to be of better service.  

     Eventually, the congregation needed a larger building, and the present one located at 17th and Crescent Drive was built.  The first service was conducted in the new building on December 16, 1962.  George DeVoll was pulpit minister at the time.  Attendance on opening day was 750.

     The Spade Church of Christ merged with the Crescent Park congregation in 2003.  The Duggan Avenue Church of Christ then merged with Crescent Park in 2013.  

     Pulpit ministers who have served the Crescent Park congregation over the years include John Dodd (?-1928), T.L. Kimmel (1928-1930), E.H. Garner (1930-?), G.A. Dunn Jr (1933-1936), J.D. Rothwell (1936-1938), J.R. Hicks (1944?-1947?), Ned Fairbairn (1948-?), Harrell Collard, Troy Cummins, Maurice McFarland, Roy Tidwell, Jack King, Wilburn Dennis (1956-1959), Dwyane Dennis (1959-1962?), George DeVoll (1962?-1965?), Bob Wear (1965-1973), Wilburn Dennis (second tenure 1973-1986), B.W. Briggs (1986-1992), Eric Dickey (1992-2000), Jack Westbrook, Jamie Wootten (?-2008), Nathan Crawford, Paul Burton (2008-2013), and Jim Harris (2013-present).  Associate ministers have included Phil Harguess, Brad Holm (1977-?), Rodney Marshall, Wilburn Dennis (1992-1996), Todd Trusty (2008-2016), Clayton Hilton (2016-2022), and Branum Schroeder (2022 - present).