What to expect...

Our services are informal, and people wear different things ranging from blue jeans to business suits.  

Our assembly services consist of several parts.  We pray often, with men from the congregation leading us in our prayers.  The singing is done as the first century singing was done - a cappella.  Each Sunday, we take the Lord's Supper communion, consisting of unleavened bread and fruit of the vine, and these represent the Lord's body and His blood shed on the cross.  We also take up a voluntary contribution each Sunday.  The sermon consists of about a 20 minute lesson coming from a Bible passage or a Bible topic. 

You will notice that what we do as a congregation comes from the pages of the Bible.  In fact, that's what we're all about - reproducing the New Testament church in all of its purity and simplicity.

Sunday 9:30 a.m.          Bible Classes for all ages

Sunday 10:30 a.m.        Sunday Morning Assembly

Sunday 6:00 p.m.          Sunday Evening Assembly

Wednesday 7:00 p.m.     Wednesday Evening Bible Classes for all ages

In addition, we have quarterly congregational potluck lunches in our Dennis Wing Fellowship Hall.

On the first Wednesday of each month, we have a congregational singing session.

The church building is location at 99 Crescent Drive, Littlefield, Texas 79339.